47 Bowls

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47 Bowls Table
Rk Year Date Day Bowl Winner/Tie Pts Loser/Tie Pts Notes
12015Jan 1, 2016FriFiesta BowlOhio State44Notre Dame28Glendale, AZ
22014Jan 12, 2015MonCollege Football ChampionshipOhio State42Oregon20Arlington, TX
32014Jan 1, 2015ThuSugar BowlOhio State42Alabama35New Orleans, LA
42013Jan 3, 2014FriOrange BowlClemson40Ohio State35Miami Gardens, FL
52011Jan 2, 2012MonGator BowlFlorida24Ohio State17Jacksonville, FL
62010Jan 4, 2011TueSugar BowlOhio State31Arkansas26New Orleans, LA
72009Jan 1, 2010FriRose BowlOhio State26Oregon17Pasadena, CA
82008Jan 5, 2009MonFiesta BowlTexas24Ohio State21Glendale, AZ
92007Jan 7, 2008MonBCS ChampionshipLouisiana State38Ohio State24New Orleans, LA
102006Jan 8, 2007MonBCS ChampionshipFlorida41Ohio State14Glendale, AZ
112005Jan 2, 2006MonFiesta BowlOhio State34Notre Dame20Tempe, AZ
122004Dec 29, 2004WedAlamo BowlOhio State33Oklahoma State7San Antonio, TX
132003Jan 2, 2004FriFiesta BowlOhio State35Kansas State28Tempe, AZ
142002Jan 3, 2003FriFiesta BowlOhio State31Miami (FL)24Tempe, AZ
152001Jan 1, 2002TueOutback BowlSouth Carolina31Ohio State28Tampa, FL
162000Jan 1, 2001MonOutback BowlSouth Carolina24Ohio State7Tampa, FL
171998Jan 1, 1999FriSugar BowlOhio State24Texas A&M14New Orleans, LA
181997Jan 1, 1998ThuSugar BowlFlorida State31Ohio State14New Orleans, LA
191996Jan 1, 1997WedRose BowlOhio State20Arizona State17Pasadena, CA
201995Jan 1, 1996MonCitrus BowlTennessee20Ohio State14Orlando, FL
Rk Year Date Day Bowl Winner/Tie Pts Loser/Tie Pts Notes
211994Jan 2, 1995MonCitrus BowlAlabama24Ohio State17Orlando, FL
221993Dec 30, 1993ThuHoliday BowlOhio State28Brigham Young21San Diego, CA
231992Jan 1, 1993FriCitrus BowlGeorgia21Ohio State14Orlando, FL
241991Jan 1, 1992WedHall of Fame BowlSyracuse24Ohio State17Tampa, FL
251990Dec 27, 1990ThuLiberty BowlAir Force23Ohio State11Memphis, TN
261989Jan 1, 1990MonHall of Fame BowlAuburn31Ohio State14Tampa, FL
271986Jan 1, 1987ThuCotton BowlOhio State28Texas A&M12Dallas, TX
281985Dec 28, 1985SatCitrus BowlOhio State10Brigham Young7Orlando, FL
291984Jan 1, 1985TueRose BowlSouthern California20Ohio State17Pasadena, CA
301983Jan 2, 1984MonFiesta BowlOhio State28Pittsburgh23Tempe, AZ
311982Dec 17, 1982FriHoliday BowlOhio State47Brigham Young17San Diego, CA
321981Dec 30, 1981WedLiberty BowlOhio State31Navy28Memphis, TN
331980Dec 26, 1980FriFiesta BowlPenn State31Ohio State19Tempe, AZ
341979Jan 1, 1980TueRose BowlSouthern California17Ohio State16Pasadena, CA
351978Dec 29, 1978FriGator BowlClemson17Ohio State15Jacksonville, FL
361977Jan 2, 1978MonSugar BowlAlabama35Ohio State6New Orleans, LA
371976Jan 1, 1977SatOrange BowlOhio State27Colorado10Miami, FL
381975Jan 1, 1976ThuRose BowlUCLA23Ohio State10Pasadena, CA
391974Jan 1, 1975WedRose BowlSouthern California18Ohio State17Pasadena, CA
401973Jan 1, 1974TueRose BowlOhio State42Southern California21Pasadena, CA
Rk Year Date Day Bowl Winner/Tie Pts Loser/Tie Pts Notes
411972Jan 1, 1973MonRose BowlSouthern California42Ohio State17Pasadena, CA
421970Jan 1, 1971FriRose BowlStanford27Ohio State17Pasadena, CA
431968Jan 1, 1969WedRose BowlOhio State27Southern California16Pasadena, CA
441957Jan 1, 1958WedRose BowlOhio State10Oregon7Pasadena, CA
451954Jan 1, 1955SatRose BowlOhio State20Southern California7Pasadena, CA
461949Jan 2, 1950MonRose BowlOhio State17California14Pasadena, CA
471920Jan 1, 1921SatRose BowlCalifornia28Ohio State0Pasadena, CA
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