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Submit Your Content to Player Newsfeeds

Player newsfeeds appear on every CFB at player page:

How to Add Your Content

If you run a blog with news and analysis, you can have your latest stories automatically integrated into CFB at Player Newsfeeds. There are two ways to alert us to relevant content:

  1. Use our Player Linker to seed your content with links to relevant CFB at player pages.
  2. Use our Statistics Sharing Tool to embed any table of CFB at stats — customized by you — into your blog post.

Then let us know that you are using these tools (see below) and we will start scanning your RSS feed for links to CFB at We will link from the relevant player page (using our ID in the link) to your blog post.


Let Us Know You Want to Be Included

To be included in this service you need to send us the following information:

We'll review your request in no more than two business days and either begin including your content or let you know why we can't. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need our linker to support additional content management systems.