Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

119 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
119 Seasons Table
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
12016-17Big Ten279.75019.479.1772.161.89725Playing Regional SemifinalGreg Gard (27-9)
22015-16Big Ten2213.62913.409.4067.863.81717Lost Regional SemifinalGreg Gard (15-8), Bo Ryan (7-5)
32014-15Big Ten364.90024.6110.2972.558.2323Lost National FinalBo Ryan (36-4)
42013-14Big Ten308.78919.6910.1973.564.020312Lost National SemifinalBo Ryan (30-8)
52012-13Big Ten2312.65718.769.7365.055.9231718Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (23-12)
62011-12Big Ten2610.72219.048.2464.053.215914Lost Regional SemifinalBo Ryan (26-10)
72010-11Big Ten259.73518.779.4267.958.61016Lost Regional SemifinalBo Ryan (25-9)
82009-10Big Ten249.72717.847.6667.156.91116Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (24-9)
92008-09Big Ten2013.60612.438.4363.859.02525Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (20-13)
102007-08Big Ten315.86119.596.7367.354.466Lost Regional SemifinalBo Ryan (31-5)
112006-07Big Ten306.83319.286.9570.257.9916Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (30-6)
122005-06Big Ten1912.61313.147.2471.165.615Lost First RoundBo Ryan (19-12)
132004-05Big Ten259.73516.769.6167.460.2211820Lost Regional FinalBo Ryan (25-9)
142003-04Big Ten257.78118.967.4968.457.0151010Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (25-7)
152002-03Big Ten248.75017.486.5170.359.31821Lost Regional SemifinalBo Ryan (24-8)
162001-02Big Ten1913.59410.099.2267.065.7Lost Second RoundBo Ryan (19-13)
172000-01Big Ten1811.62114.9012.0859.456.6191025Lost First RoundBrad Soderberg (16-10), Dick Bennett (2-1)
181999-00Big Ten2214.61116.6712.5059.955.8Lost National SemifinalDick Bennett (22-14)
191998-99Big Ten2210.68817.2810.3762.155.21118Lost First RoundDick Bennett (22-10)
201997-98Big Ten1219.3877.189.2260.562.6Dick Bennett (12-19)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
211996-97Big Ten1810.64313.209.4159.155.3Lost First RoundDick Bennett (18-10)
221995-96Big Ten1715.5317.897.8066.164.8Dick Bennett (17-15)
231994-95Big Ten1314.4818.276.9473.01713Stan Van Gundy (13-14)
241993-94Big Ten1811.62115.009.8677.912Lost Second RoundStu Jackson (18-11)
251992-93Big Ten1414.5008.086.7277.0Stu Jackson (14-14)
261991-92Big Ten1318.4198.407.79Steve Yoder (13-18)
271990-91Big Ten1515.5009.148.36Steve Yoder (15-15)
281989-90Big Ten1417.4528.669.39Steve Yoder (14-17)
291988-89Big Ten1812.60013.9811.23Steve Yoder (18-12)
301987-88Big Ten1216.4293.308.70Steve Yoder (12-16)
311986-87Big Ten1417.4524.988.27Steve Yoder (14-17)
321985-86Big Ten1216.4294.1310.61Steve Yoder (12-16)
331984-85Big Ten1414.5003.517.35Steve Yoder (14-14)
341983-84Big Ten820.2862.736.30Steve Yoder (8-20)
351982-83Big Ten820.2861.067.85Steve Yoder (8-20)
361981-82Big Ten621.222-5.034.34Bill Cofield (6-21)
371980-81Big Ten1116.4075.079.23Bill Cofield (11-16)
381979-80Big Ten1514.51711.949.80Bill Cofield (15-14)
391978-79Big Ten1215.4445.459.23Bill Cofield (12-15)
401977-78Big Ten819.2961.986.65Bill Cofield (8-19)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
411976-77Big Ten918.3332.177.24Bill Cofield (9-18)
421975-76Big Ten1016.385-0.079.71John Powless (10-16)
431974-75Big Ten818.3080.846.72John Powless (8-18)
441973-74Big Ten168.66711.195.4413John Powless (16-8)
451972-73Big Ten1113.4586.598.41John Powless (11-13)
461971-72Big Ten1311.5424.293.29John Powless (13-11)
471970-71Big Ten915.3753.305.21John Powless (9-15)
481969-70Big Ten1014.4171.466.15John Powless (10-14)
491968-69Big Ten1113.4587.219.30John Powless (11-13)
501967-68Big Ten1311.5425.194.10John Erickson (13-11)
511966-67Big Ten1311.5423.274.88John Erickson (13-11)
521965-66Big Ten1113.4581.954.79John Erickson (11-13)
531964-65Big Ten913.4093.405.81John Erickson (9-13)
541963-64Big Ten816.333-0.454.34John Erickson (8-16)
551962-63Big Ten1410.5839.415.80106John Erickson (14-10)
561961-62Big Ten177.7087.407.16John Erickson (17-7)
571960-61Big Ten717.292-0.355.60John Erickson (7-17)
581959-60Big Ten816.333-2.556.32John Erickson (8-16)
591958-59Big Ten319.136-8.827.87Bud Foster (3-19)
601957-58Big Ten814.364-3.473.77Bud Foster (8-14)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
611956-57Big Ten517.227-2.107.09Bud Foster (5-17)
621955-56Big Ten616.2734.067.01Bud Foster (6-16)
631954-55Big Ten1012.4555.486.43Bud Foster (10-12)
641953-54Big Ten1210.54512.367.7718Bud Foster (12-10)
651952-53Big Ten139.59111.988.35Bud Foster (13-9)
661951-52Big Ten1012.4552.644.05Bud Foster (10-12)
671950-51Big Ten1012.4553.944.80Bud Foster (10-12)
681949-50Big Ten175.77310.715.211516Bud Foster (17-5)
691948-49Big Ten1210.54554.548.1Bud Foster (12-10)
701947-48Big Ten128.600Bud Foster (12-8)
711946-47Big Ten166.727Lost Regional SemifinalBud Foster (16-6)
721945-46Big Ten417.190Bud Foster (4-17)
731944-45Big Ten1011.476Bud Foster (10-11)
741943-44Big Ten129.571Bud Foster (12-9)
751942-43Big Ten129.571Bud Foster (12-9)
761941-42Big Ten147.667Bud Foster (14-7)
771940-41Big Ten203.870Won National FinalBud Foster (20-3)
781939-40Big Ten515.250Bud Foster (5-15)
791938-39Big Ten1010.500Bud Foster (10-10)
801937-38Big Ten1010.500Bud Foster (10-10)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
811936-37Big Ten812.400Bud Foster (8-12)
821935-36Big Ten119.550Bud Foster (11-9)
831934-35Big Ten155.750Bud Foster (15-5)
841933-34Big Ten146.700Doc Meanwell (14-6)
851932-33Big Ten713.350Doc Meanwell (7-13)
861931-32Big Ten810.444Doc Meanwell (8-10)
871930-31Big Ten89.471Doc Meanwell (8-9)
881929-30Big Ten152.882Doc Meanwell (15-2)
891928-29Big Ten152.882Doc Meanwell (15-2)
901927-28Big Ten134.765Doc Meanwell (13-4)
911926-27Big Ten107.588Doc Meanwell (10-7)
921925-26Big Ten89.471Doc Meanwell (8-9)
931924-25Big Ten611.353Doc Meanwell (6-11)
941923-24Big Ten115.688Doc Meanwell (11-5)
951922-23Big Ten123.800Doc Meanwell (12-3)
961921-22Big Ten145.737Doc Meanwell (14-5)
971920-21Big Ten134.765Doc Meanwell (13-4)
981919-20Big Ten155.750Guy Lowman (15-5)
991918-19Big Ten511.313Guy Lowman (5-11)
1001917-18Big Ten143.824Guy Lowman (14-3)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
1011916-17Western153.833Doc Meanwell (15-3)
1021915-16Western201.952Doc Meanwell (20-1)
1031914-15Western134.765Doc Meanwell (13-4)
1041913-14Western1501.000Doc Meanwell (15-0)
1051912-13Western141.933Doc Meanwell (14-1)
1061911-12Western1501.000Doc Meanwell (15-0)
1071910-11Western96.600Haskell Noyes (9-6)
1081909-10Western95.643Haskell Noyes (9-5)
1091908-09Western84.667Haskell Noyes (8-4)
1101907-08Western102.833Emmett Angell (10-2)
1111906-07Western113.786Emmett Angell (11-3)
1121905-06Western122.857Emmett Angell (12-2)
1131904-05Western108.556Emmett Angell (10-8)
1141903-04Western114.733James Elsom (11-4)
1151902-03Western52.714James Elsom (5-2)
1161901-02Western73.700James Elsom (7-3)
1171900-01Western11.500James Elsom (1-1)
1181899-00Western11.500James Elsom (1-1)
1191898-99Western03.000James Elsom (0-3)

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