Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

54 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
54 Seasons Table
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
12016-17Big Sky00
22015-16Big Sky269.7430.18-5.1376.167.0Lost First RoundRandy Rahe (26-9)
32014-15Big Sky1317.433-7.29-3.5067.068.0Randy Rahe (13-17)
42013-14Big Sky1912.613-0.92-4.2372.766.5Lost Second RoundRandy Rahe (19-12)
52012-13Big Sky307.8115.87-5.6175.761.5Randy Rahe (30-7)
62011-12Big Sky257.7811.51-3.6577.369.1Randy Rahe (25-7)
72010-11Big Sky1814.563-1.64-1.7470.167.0Randy Rahe (18-14)
82009-10Big Sky2011.6453.71-1.0476.271.0Randy Rahe (20-11)
92008-09Big Sky2110.6771.11-2.3970.266.3Randy Rahe (21-10)
102007-08Big Sky1614.533-3.92-3.5066.465.7Randy Rahe (16-14)
112006-07Big Sky2012.625-4.03-3.3370.869.2Lost First RoundRandy Rahe (20-12)
122005-06Big Sky1017.370-6.19-1.1066.369.5Joe Cravens (10-17)
132004-05Big Sky1416.467-7.58-5.6265.266.7Joe Cravens (14-16)
142003-04Big Sky1514.517-1.89-2.1568.366.4Joe Cravens (15-14)
152002-03Big Sky266.8134.56-2.0174.567.6Lost First RoundJoe Cravens (26-6)
162001-02Big Sky1811.6210.36-1.9474.969.9Joe Cravens (18-11)
172000-01Big Sky1514.517-1.17-0.8077.876.7Joe Cravens (15-14)
181999-00Big Sky1810.6431.980.4677.373.4Joe Cravens (18-10)
191998-99Big Sky258.7585.310.2179.173.0Lost Second RoundRon Abegglen (25-8)
201997-98Big Sky1413.519-0.21-1.1372.571.3Ron Abegglen (14-13)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
211996-97Big Sky1513.536-3.65-2.4678.379.4Ron Abegglen (15-13)
221995-96Big Sky2010.6674.14-0.5484.178.3Ron Abegglen (20-10)
231994-95Big Sky219.7008.473.5477.3Lost Second RoundRon Abegglen (21-9)
241993-94Big Sky2010.6674.742.09Ron Abegglen (20-10)
251992-93Big Sky208.7140.36-3.89Ron Abegglen (20-8)
261991-92Big Sky1613.5520.58-2.17Ron Abegglen (16-13)
271990-91Big Sky1216.429-5.71-6.34Denny Huston (12-16)
281989-90Big Sky1415.483-3.68-3.83Denny Huston (14-15)
291988-89Big Sky1711.607-0.99-0.83Denny Huston (17-11)
301987-88Big Sky921.300-6.241.45Larry Farmer (9-21)
311986-87Big Sky722.241-5.682.13Larry Farmer (7-22)
321985-86Big Sky1811.6212.11-0.43Larry Farmer (18-11)
331984-85Big Sky209.6906.15-2.27Neil McCarthy (20-9)
341983-84Big Sky238.7425.43-0.60Neil McCarthy (23-8)
351982-83Big Sky238.7426.241.09Lost First RoundNeil McCarthy (23-8)
361981-82Big Sky1513.5363.441.87Neil McCarthy (15-13)
371980-81Big Sky819.296-4.24-1.49Neil McCarthy (8-19)
381979-80Big Sky263.8976.57-1.911517Lost First RoundNeil McCarthy (26-3)
391978-79Big Sky259.7356.27-0.42Lost Second RoundNeil McCarthy (25-9)
401977-78Big Sky1910.6551.58-0.86Lost First RoundNeil McCarthy (19-10)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
411976-77Big Sky208.7144.05-1.06Neil McCarthy (20-8)
421975-76Big Sky2111.6560.93-1.80Neil McCarthy (21-11)
431974-75Big Sky1115.423-2.80-2.52Gene Visscher (6-8), Neil McCarthy (5-7)
441973-74Big Sky1412.538-2.55-3.09Gene Visscher (14-12)
451972-73Big Sky207.7413.13-4.66Lost First RoundGene Visscher (20-7)
461971-72Big Sky1811.6210.83-5.62Lost Regional SemifinalGene Visscher (18-11)
471970-71Big Sky216.7787.19-2.68Lost First RoundPhil Johnson (21-6)
481969-70Big Sky207.7413.76-5.76Lost First RoundPhil Johnson (20-7)
491968-69Big Sky273.9006.82-3.34Lost Regional SemifinalPhil Johnson (27-3)
501967-68Big Sky216.7786.08-6.87Lost First RoundDick Motta (21-6)
511966-67Big Sky187.720-7.42-7.13Dick Motta (18-7)
521965-66Big Sky205.800-2.15-6.56Dick Motta (20-5)
531964-65Big Sky223.880-0.15-8.88Dick Motta (22-3)
541963-64Big Sky178.680-5.80-8.35Dick Motta (17-8)

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