Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

119 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
119 Seasons Table
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
12016-17Big 12315.86123.5312.2383.271.9313Lost Regional FinalBill Self (31-5)
22015-16Big 12335.86823.8711.2281.367.6411Lost Regional FinalBill Self (33-5)
32014-15Big 12279.75018.4712.1371.164.85510Lost Third RoundBill Self (27-9)
42013-14Big 122510.71420.2511.4079.070.15210Lost Third RoundBill Self (25-10)
52012-13Big 12316.83820.797.5475.261.9723Lost Regional SemifinalBill Self (31-6)
62011-12Big 12327.82121.729.9373.561.71336Lost National FinalBill Self (32-7)
72010-11Big 12353.92124.107.6281.264.7712Lost Regional FinalBill Self (35-3)
82009-10Big 12333.91724.688.2581.664.2111Lost Second RoundBill Self (33-3)
92008-09Big 12278.77118.027.9076.465.424914Lost Regional SemifinalBill Self (27-8)
102007-08Big 12373.92526.908.2080.561.5424Won National FinalBill Self (37-3)
112006-07Big 12335.86822.626.8678.461.7322Lost Regional FinalBill Self (33-5)
122005-06Big 12258.75820.027.6075.261.31212Lost First RoundBill Self (25-8)
132004-05Big 12237.76720.6810.8575.065.21112Lost First RoundBill Self (23-7)
142003-04Big 12249.72717.109.4475.867.26116Lost Regional FinalBill Self (24-9)
152002-03Big 12308.78925.0010.5382.766.9226Lost National FinalRoy Williams (30-8)
162001-02Big 12334.89224.389.3590.974.7712Lost National SemifinalRoy Williams (33-4)
172000-01Big 12267.78820.239.0382.069.37212Lost Regional SemifinalRoy Williams (26-7)
181999-00Big 122410.70617.949.7978.770.1115Lost Second RoundRoy Williams (24-10)
191998-99Big 122310.69716.239.1072.164.58722Lost Second RoundRoy Williams (23-10)
201997-98Big 12354.89722.856.5484.667.4222Lost Second RoundRoy Williams (35-4)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
211996-97Big 12342.94426.607.9484.966.1211Lost Regional SemifinalRoy Williams (34-2)
221995-96Big 8295.85321.397.2480.665.3214Lost Regional FinalRoy Williams (29-5)
231994-95Big 8256.80622.1610.0283.01115Lost Regional SemifinalRoy Williams (25-6)
241993-94Big 8278.77120.698.6080.59113Lost Regional SemifinalRoy Williams (27-8)
251992-93Big 8297.80622.3010.8884.4219Lost National SemifinalRoy Williams (29-7)
261991-92Big 8275.84425.259.821222Lost Second RoundRoy Williams (27-5)
271990-91Big 8278.77124.7811.37812Lost National FinalRoy Williams (27-8)
281989-90Big 8305.85725.468.3115Lost Second RoundRoy Williams (30-5)
291988-89Big 81912.61315.958.5516Roy Williams (19-12)
301987-88Big 82711.71115.7110.7777Won National FinalLarry Brown (27-11)
311986-87Big 82511.69413.367.738620Lost Regional SemifinalLarry Brown (25-11)
321985-86Big 8354.89723.1810.42522Lost National SemifinalLarry Brown (35-4)
331984-85Big 8268.76511.846.2719913Lost Second RoundLarry Brown (26-8)
341983-84Big 82210.6889.765.861717Lost Second RoundLarry Brown (22-10)
351982-83Big 81316.4485.614.92Ted Owens (13-16)
361981-82Big 81314.4818.017.82Ted Owens (13-14)
371980-81Big 8248.75014.886.0718Lost Regional SemifinalTed Owens (24-8)
381979-80Big 81514.5174.724.222019Ted Owens (15-14)
391978-79Big 81811.6216.053.0854Ted Owens (18-11)
401977-78Big 8245.82818.014.30510Lost First RoundTed Owens (24-5)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
411976-77Big 81810.6438.285.40Ted Owens (18-10)
421975-76Big 81313.5002.462.42Ted Owens (13-13)
431974-75Big 8198.7049.255.0566Lost First RoundTed Owens (19-8)
441973-74Big 8237.76713.116.971367Lost National SemifinalTed Owens (23-7)
451972-73Big 8818.3080.724.11Ted Owens (8-18)
461971-72Big 81115.4233.883.311414Ted Owens (11-15)
471970-71Big 8273.90016.093.911444Lost National SemifinalTed Owens (27-3)
481969-70Big 8179.65410.084.0416Ted Owens (17-9)
491968-69Big 8207.74111.271.715419Ted Owens (20-7)
501967-68Big 8228.73310.663.4254Ted Owens (22-8)
511966-67Big 8234.85214.022.3933Lost Regional SemifinalTed Owens (23-4)
521965-66Big 8234.85216.782.59844Lost Regional FinalTed Owens (23-4)
531964-65Big 8178.68010.244.321818Ted Owens (17-8)
541963-64Big 81312.5206.905.7010Dick Harp (13-12)
551962-63Big 81213.4806.145.18Dick Harp (12-13)
561961-62Big 8718.2801.895.69Dick Harp (7-18)
571960-61Big 8178.68014.305.1416Dick Harp (17-8)
581959-60Big 8199.67910.876.23Lost Regional FinalDick Harp (19-9)
591958-59Big 81114.4404.813.617Dick Harp (11-14)
601957-58Big 8185.78317.585.6727Dick Harp (18-5)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
611956-57Big 7243.88920.947.5312Lost National FinalDick Harp (24-3)
621955-56Big 7149.6098.096.9218Phog Allen (14-9)
631954-55Big 71110.5244.203.4916Phog Allen (11-10)
641953-54Big 7165.76211.134.42518Phog Allen (16-5)
651952-53Big 7196.76016.267.1033Lost National FinalPhog Allen (19-6)
661951-52Big 7283.90315.832.5418Won National FinalPhog Allen (28-3)
671950-51Big 7168.66710.525.8210Phog Allen (16-8)
681949-50Big 71411.56011.756.401919Phog Allen (14-11)
691948-49Big 71212.50049.446.1Phog Allen (12-12)
701947-48Big 7915.375Phog Allen (9-15)
711946-47Big 61611.593Howard Engleman (8-6), Phog Allen (8-5)
721945-46Big 6192.905Phog Allen (19-2)
731944-45Big 6125.706Phog Allen (12-5)
741943-44Big 6179.654Phog Allen (17-9)
751942-43Big 6226.786Phog Allen (22-6)
761941-42Big 6175.773Lost Regional SemifinalPhog Allen (17-5)
771940-41Big 6126.667Phog Allen (12-6)
781939-40Big 6196.760Lost National FinalPhog Allen (19-6)
791938-39Big 6137.650Phog Allen (13-7)
801937-38Big 6182.900Phog Allen (18-2)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
811936-37Big 6154.789Phog Allen (15-4)
821935-36Big 6212.913Phog Allen (21-2)
831934-35Big 6155.750Phog Allen (15-5)
841933-34Big 6161.941Phog Allen (16-1)
851932-33Big 6134.765Phog Allen (13-4)
861931-32Big 6135.722Phog Allen (13-5)
871930-31Big 6153.833Phog Allen (15-3)
881929-30Big 6144.778Phog Allen (14-4)
891928-29Big 6315.167Phog Allen (3-15)
901927-28MVC99.500Phog Allen (9-9)
911926-27MVC152.882Phog Allen (15-2)
921925-26MVC162.889Phog Allen (16-2)
931924-25MVC171.944Phog Allen (17-1)
941923-24MVC163.842Phog Allen (16-3)
951922-23MVC171.944Phog Allen (17-1)
961921-22MVC162.889Phog Allen (16-2)
971920-21MVC108.556Phog Allen (10-8)
981919-20MVC117.611Karl Schlademan (1-0), Phog Allen (10-7)
991918-19MVC79.438W.O. Hamilton (7-9)
1001917-18MVC108.556W.O. Hamilton (10-8)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Coach(es)
1011916-17MVC128.600W.O. Hamilton (12-8)
1021915-16MVC612.333W.O. Hamilton (6-12)
1031914-15MVC161.941W.O. Hamilton (16-1)
1041913-14MVC171.944W.O. Hamilton (17-1)
1051912-13MVC166.727W.O. Hamilton (16-6)
1061911-12MVC117.611W.O. Hamilton (11-7)
1071910-11MVC126.667W.O. Hamilton (12-6)
1081909-10MVC181.947W.O. Hamilton (18-1)
1091908-09MVC253.893Phog Allen (25-3)
1101907-08MVC186.750Phog Allen (18-6)
1111906-07Ind78.467Doc Naismith (7-8)
1121905-06Ind127.632Doc Naismith (12-7)
1131904-05Ind56.455Doc Naismith (5-6)
1141903-04Ind58.385Doc Naismith (5-8)
1151902-03Ind78.467Doc Naismith (7-8)
1161901-02Ind57.417Doc Naismith (5-7)
1171900-01Ind48.333Doc Naismith (4-8)
1181899-00Ind34.429Doc Naismith (3-4)
1191898-99Ind74.636Doc Naismith (7-4)

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