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Daily Updates

Posted by Sean Forman on November 17, 2010

Starting today, the site will be updated on a daily basis with 2010-11 statistics and results. Player game logs and splits are not ready yet, but they should be up by December 1 at the latest. Keep in mind that there are almost 350 Division I schools, so early on there may be a few hiccups. Please help us out by letting us know if anything looks amiss, either by posting a comment here or by filling out our feedback form.

4 Responses to “Daily Updates”

  1. John Says:

    Where are a ranking of the teams based on their SRS?

  2. Justin Kubatko Says:

    John wrote:

    Where are a ranking of the teams based on their SRS?

    Here you go:

    2010-11 Expanded Standings

    Keep in mind that it’s way too early to put much stock in SRS rankings.

  3. John Says:

    Thanks! Hows long does it usually take for the SRS to have enough data to be relevant?

  4. KJOK Says:

    I think by now the SRS ratings should be ‘well connected’ and unbiased.