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NY Times: Tournament’s Stars Dim After March

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 19, 2012

This past weekend in the New York Times, I took a look at how recent NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player award winners have not fared so well in the NBA:

Tournament's Stars Dim After March

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SR/CBB: NCAA Tournament Game Previews

Posted by Neil on March 19, 2012

To get you prepared for this year's NCAA Tournament matchups, we have printable game previews at SR/College Basketball:

Game Previews | College Basketball at

Each preview contains key information about both teams, including SRS ratings; offensive and defensive ratings; and player statistics from the 2011-12 season. Check them out, and increase your knowledge when watching the games this month!

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SR/CBB: Box Score For Every NCAA Tournament Game

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 15, 2012

Today I am pleased to announce that College Basketball at now has a box score for every game played in NCAA tournament history. Here are a few examples:

These box scores are not complete, as there are many instances where certain statistics are missing, but we will do our best to fill in the blanks as we find other sources.

For now you can access these box scores from the NCAA Tournament brackets in the Postseason section, but I am working on integrating this information into other areas of the site.

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Trading Partners & Executives Database

Posted by Neil on March 14, 2012

The NBA trade deadline is tomorrow, and that means it's a good time to look up what your team's General Manager has been up to recently. To that end, you can consult the BBR Executives Database, wherein we list the player-personnel decision-maker for every team-season in NBA & ABA history, complete with their career transactions. For example (and a good laugh), here are the moves Isiah Thomas made in his distinguished career as an executive:

Isiah Thomas NBA & ABA Basketball Executive Record

Don't feel bad, Isiah... Even the GOAT has a pretty questionable resume.

In addition to the Executives Database, we also have a matrix of all-time trades between any two franchises. For instance, here is every trade between the Hawks and Pistons, the two most active trading partners in league history with 16 all-time trades. Notice that for each transaction we show a "balance sheet" with outgoing and incoming Win Shares in the deal.

Enjoy these features, and be sure to use them as ammunition if your team's GM makes a boneheaded move today or tomorrow.

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CBB: Use Our Adjusted Power Ratings to Fill Out Your Brackets

Posted by Neil on March 14, 2012

At the beginning of the 2011-12 NCAA Basketball season, we began to calculate Adjusted Offensive and Defensive Ratings for each team. In a nutshell, these ratings measure a team's offensive and defensive abilities independent of the pace at which they play. Since raw PPG totals can be greatly influenced by how many possessions a team has to score and defend, per-possession metrics more accurately reflect a team's true skill levels (pace is largely a choice, and it has almost no correlation to how good a team is at scoring and defending on a per-possession basis).

Here were the best teams during the regular season by adjusted net rating (adjusted Offensive Rating minus adjusted Defensive Rating):

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NY Times: Bryant Has the Stats Of a Not-Quite-M.V.P.

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 14, 2012

This column was supposed to appear in the New York Times last week, but due to an editorial snafu it was never published. However, the piece was so good (ha-ha) that they asked me to update it and it was published in today's paper:

Bryant Has the Stats Of a Not-Quite-M.V.P.

I will probably write a column for the weekend NYT as well.

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Playoff Box Scores and Row Summing

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 9, 2012

I'd like to announce a couple of additions to

First, we now have full box scores dating back to the 1986 playoffs, which means we have complete coverage for the regular season and playoffs from the 1985-86 season to the present.

Second, you can now select rows to sum on the player pages. For example, go to Ray Allen's page. Suppose you want to see Allen's cumulative statistics for the Celtics. To do this, click on the row for the 2007-08 season (the row should now be highlighted in blue), then click on the row for the 2011-12 season. A pop-up will appear with Allen's cumulative statistics for these seasons.

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Search Secrets: The Power of “The”

Posted by admin on March 8, 2012

Searching for players can be a chore sometimes. You want Alex Rodriguez's page, so you search for Rodriguez and get like 2,000 results, which we need to do, so you can find every player. But 99% of the time you are probably looking for A-Rod and not the other players.

Adding the string "the" to the start of a search will automatically send you to the most popular player page matching that search. Also, you don't have to enter the entire player name just entering the first few characters will work as well. We've always has the "the" feature, but I just tweaked it so that it now matches only on first and last names and no longer on things like given names or nicknames. So search "the L" now sends you to Cliff Lee instead of Barry Lamar Bonds. Enjoy.

Example searches:

the Mick
the Barry
the George
the Rod
the Albert
the Q
the One
the Guy
Bar Bon

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Military Service now listed on B-R Player Pages

Posted by admin on March 8, 2012

The data isn't 100% complete, but thanks to our relationship with the Society for American Baseball Research, we've added a substantial amount of information about players who were out of organized baseball for a year or more. This will show up on the major league batting and pitching tables for the affected players. Around 1100 player pages are affected by this change. Please let us know about any errors or omissions you find and we'll fill in as many of the missing details as we can.

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PI+: Player Shooting Splits & Shot Charts

Posted by Neil on March 7, 2012

Watching this video made me nostalgic for vintage, early-2000s Vince Carter:

That's why I'm going to use Carter's finest season, 2001 (when he posted a career-high 25.0 PER, 12.9 Win Shares, and +6.3 SPM), as my example to take you through the PI+ Shooting Splits & Shot Charts.

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