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Filter Play Finder results by individual player

14th August 2013

We've added a new feature to the play finder that you may have already seen around the site: you can now filter search results by particular players. For instance, when looking at 2012 passing on third or fourth down if you click the "View player »" link next to Matthew Stafford, you can view the same results filtered down to just Stafford. You can refine this further by clicking the link next to a particular receiver, so if you want just Stafford's third and fourth down passes to Calvin Johnson, we have you covered. This filter is available for passers, receivers, and rushers, so you can also use it to find something like all Adrian Peterson rushes of 10+ yards in 2012. Links to year-by-year breakdowns are also available under "Rush Plays" and "Pass Plays" on each player's player page passing, rushing, or receiving table.

In other play finder news, we've added play data from the 1999 season to our database if you want to go back and relive the glory days of the greatest show on turf.

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PFR Similarity Scores Updated

12th August 2013

Just a quick note that our AV-based Similarity Scores have been updated for the first time in a few seasons, so guys like Joe Flacco now have similars.

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Are you a Web Developer Who Loves Sports? Let’s Talk.

9th August 2013

Jobs @ Sports Reference.

Sports Reference has an immediate opening for a web developer. Please see our job advertisement for all of the details. We will begin reviewing applications on August 26th.

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Added Fantasy Points to the Player Finders

8th August 2013

Fantasy draft time is coming up, so we've added fantasy points as a sorting option and search criteria in our Player Season Finder and Player Game Finder tools. Use these to find out things like:

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Vegas Line Pages Added

5th August 2013

Recently, we've added Vegas line tables to our team-season pages, which include the spread & over/under of every game, and results straight-up, vs. the line, and vs. the over/under. (This is available for all teams since 1978.)

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2013 Preseason Schedule/Results Page Added

31st July 2013

Due to popular demand, we decided to add a dedicated page with the 2013 preseason schedule for every team:

2013 preseason schedule and results

It will also be populated with scores/results as the games are played.

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P-F-R Help Wanted! Help Us Identify Historical Teams’ Offensive & Defensive Schemes

18th July 2013

Here is a google doc containing every team-season in our database since 1957, including the Head Coach and offensive & defensive coordinators. It also specifies those coaches' preferred offensive or defensive schemes (depending on which side of the ball they specialize in), and attempts to figure out the general offensive family (i.e. Air Coryell, Erhardt-Perkins, etc) each team-season fell into.

THIS IS BY NO MEANS COMPLETE. In fact, it's very much incomplete at this stage -- and that's where you come in. In the comments of this post, or in an email, we'd love to hear corrections and/or additions to the data, if you see an entry about which you know more than we do (and it's a good bet you do). Thanks in advance for your help, and hopefully we can assemble a more complete listing of teams' systems/schemes, which will let us do things like compute splits vs. a certain type of offense or defense, analyze whether 4-3 or 3-4 defenses were better in a given season, etc.

So let those corrections/additions pour in!

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Team Travel Maps

12th July 2013

For your offseason Friday enjoyment (only a couple more weeks till training camps!) I put together some team travel maps highlighting the distances each team has to go to away games each year (back to 1970). Compare the Browns' 6,578 miles traveled (round-trip) with the 28,268 miles Seattle travels in 2013.

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Approximate Value Added for Kickers and Punters

14th June 2013

Today, we added a new feature to our popular Approximate Value metric on the site -- AV totals for kickers and punters. (Don't worry, we've warned Doug Drinen, and he hasn't suffered any adverse health side-effects that we know of.)

The methodology is described in tortuous detail on the AV formula page, but we basically looked at salary data to calibrate kicker and punter AV against our existing AV data, and used some simple metrics (kicking points added above average using distance data; punting gross yards per attempt w/ an adjustment for blocks) to measure kicking/punting performance. The best career AVs in each category are as follows:

We're still working out some AV kinks (particularly in terms of All-Pro bonuses) with certain players who played both kicker/punter and another position -- think Lou Groza -- but for the most part we're happy with the results, and we thought it was time special-teamers got their AV due.

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All-Decade Teams Added

3rd June 2013

Today, we added a small new dataset to the site's Awards Section: All-Decade Teams. We have the official All-Decade Teams from the Pro Football Hall of Fame (and, in the case of the AFL, the AFL Hall of Fame) going back to the 1920s:

We also assembled our own Pro-Football-Reference All-Decade teams using Approximate Value, and list those as well:

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