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WAR 2.01: Renaming ndWAR to afWAR

Posted by admin on May 4, 2012

The change from oWAR and dWAR to ndWAR and dWAR is confusing folks, so I'm making an additional change.

afWAR => Average-Fielding-WAR. The player's WAR if they were a league average fielder, or what you should use if you trust no fielding metrics.
dWAR => Defensive WAR thanks to fielding and position.

afWAR = batting + baserunning + DP's + replacement + position
dWAR = fielding + position


afWAR + dWAR does not equal WAR as you'll be double counting the position adjustment. And on a team level you shouldn't be using WAR anyway to determine what your team is good or bad at.

I'll start adding version numbers as I make tweaks to the system. This one changes no numbers, so it really is just a naming convention.

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WAR 2.0: WAR Upgraded on

Posted by admin on May 4, 2012 WAR Explained -

As many have noticed, we have not been updating the 2012 WAR data in-season. The reason for this is that we have been working on a major upgrade to our WAR framework. The link above gives a very detailed rundown including: how to compute each part of our WAR formula, our reasoning on making the changes, downloads for historical WAR data, charts of the various constants and factors we use, and a chart of differences between the new B-R WAR, the old B-R WAR and FanGraphs WAR.

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B-R Features: 2012 Box Scores

Posted by Neil on April 6, 2012

2012 Box Scores and Play by Play -

Just a reminder that you can access this season's boxscores in calendar form using the 2012 boxscores page.

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2012 Minor League Baseball League Statistics Updating

Posted by admin on April 6, 2012

2012 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia -

Just a reminder that the minor leagues got underway yesterday as well. Linked is our 2012 Minor League directory. Enjoy.

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Year-by-Year Opening Day Rosters –

Posted by admin on April 5, 2012

2011 Major League Baseball Opening Day Rosters -

Linked is 2011, but if you change the year this is now available for every year back to 1918. It is linked from the main league-year pages under the Other tab.

This goes along with our Team Opening Day Histories.

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300+ Baseball Player Twitter Accounts –

Posted by admin on April 5, 2012

Baseball Player Twitter Accounts -

Thanks to everyone who helped us catalog 350 player twitter accounts. The work will continue, so if we are missing someone please let us know and we'll get it updated.

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Free Play Index Trial & 34 PI Searches You Need to Know

Posted by Neil on April 3, 2012

We gave this to people as a promotion at the SABR Analytics Convention, and now we're offering it to you -- a free Play Index trial subscription that works through April 15! Just visit to create an account, and enter the coupon code "Analytics" to redeem the free trial.

As you're doing that, also check out this list of 34 example Play Index searches, the types of queries you can run yourself using the trial subscription:

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New Split: 24 Base-Out Situations

Posted by admin on April 2, 2012

Major League 2011 Batting Splits -

This was suggested at the SABR analytics conference and since I was rebuilding the db, I decided to add it. It appears just below the outs page on all of the pitcher, batter, team and league splits. I've linked to the 2011 MLB overall splits above. Split suggestions are always welcomed.

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1918 Box Scores, Gamelogs and Splits

Posted by admin on April 1, 2012

1918 Box Scores and Play by Play -

Thanks to the good folks at RetroSheet we have added 1918 box scores, splits, and game logs to the site.

Here is Walter Johnson's dominant 1918 season in gamelog form.

We are still in the process of updating the splits and the Play Index with 1918 data, but that should happen later today, Murphy willing.

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2012 B-R Daily Updates to Start April 4th

Posted by admin on March 27, 2012

Due to a combination of poor planning on my end and some snafus with data we are provided with, Baseball-Reference will begin updating daily with the Marlins/Cardinals tilt on April 4th.

Updating the site for a new season is always a harrowing experience given the multitude of interconnected moving parts. We are continually simplifying the process, but between the SABR Conference two weeks ago, the NLB launch, a couple of new servers we have coming online and my dawdling we aren't going to be ready to update the Mariners and A's games this week. I apologize to our users who want to see that data ASAP, but we'll make sure we are ready to go next week.

Thank you for your patience.

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