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Site Redesign: Making Copying and Pasting to a Spreadsheet a Bit Easier

Posted by sean on March 17, 2017

We know that a lot of you are interested in grabbing data from our site and reusing it in excel and generating reports on your own. We got our start doing that.

The redesign complicates that because we add some helper elements to the page that are relevant for the vast majority of users and helpful in their use of the site. I'll call this material Mobile Formatting. It includes the frozen left column on wide tables, the max width of the page and side scrolling, the use of interior table header rows and sort direction indicators. So to make sorting easier, I've added an option to the "Share & more" menu to strip this content out in one click.

It will take this table which is wider than the page width.

and when you click the "Strip Mobile Formatting" option

Make it look like this, which now has all of that extra formatting removed.

Copy away, but always cite your sources.

Cite your source. You Must.

2 Responses to “Site Redesign: Making Copying and Pasting to a Spreadsheet a Bit Easier”

  1. sean Says:

    This is for you. John Autin.

  2. John Autin Says:

    Thank you, Sean Forman! I am grateful.

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