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Shooting Hand Added to Player Season Finder

Posted by David Corby on May 16, 2014

Just a quick note that we've added Shooting Hand as a query option for our Player Season Finder.




We understand that any historical list like this contains some inaccuracies, so if you recognize any mistakes or omissions please let us know.

There are a few oddities like Tristan Thompson and DeAndre Jordan, who have switched shooting hands or who alternate depending on the type of shot attempt, that we can't fully account for. Though Jordan tends to dunk with his right hand, we consider him a left-hander.

Many thanks to former colleague Neil Paine and all of those whose research he referenced for compiling this list.


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One Response to “Shooting Hand Added to Player Season Finder”

  1. Brian Odom Says:

    There are at least two more oddities. Think of it like baseball where a player throws with one hand, but bats with the other.

    shoots left, dunks right:
    DeAndre Jordan
    David Lee
    Josh McRoberts

    And Tristan has made the transition from shoot left, dunk right to shoot right, dunk right.

    One other oddity was Manute Bol. Would shoot right, but would almost always do his specialty (blocked shots) with his left.

    And of course, there are some left handed people, who play sports right handed (LeBron James, Larry Bird, Ricky Rubio, etc), but they should be considered right hand only.

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