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Player High Schools Added

Posted by Mike on April 4, 2014

Just finished a project to add player high school listings for 22,000+ professional players. Players for whom we have data will now have their high school listed on their player pages. We have state-by-state listings from Alabama to Wyoming (and even foreign high schools) and we have listings of current and former players and their stats at high schools from Long Beach Polytechnic to Canton McKinley.

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5 Responses to “Player High Schools Added”

  1. Hector Rex Says:

    Are you looking for any help in cleaning up the high school listings? Browsing through the Washington State list, I noticed some duplicates -- e.g., "Woodrow Wilson" (listed for seven players) and "Wilson" (listed for Marcus Trufant) are the same school in Tacoma.

  2. Chad Kubicek Says:

    1. This is awesome. Perhaps more than anything else, it emphasizes just how hard it is to make the NFL. Even a fairly large high school with a decent football program might produce an NFLer only once a decade (and of course, a large number of those have "careers" that consist of things like "one year on the practice squad plus one year covering punts and kickoffs").

    2. This can definitely be made more awesomer with some cleanup. There must be hundreds of minor fixes to be made, since I found two just looking at my (Nebraska) home town and our archrivals, namely:

    A. Columbus High and Kramer High in Columbus are the same school; it was renamed sometime after my stepdad graduated in the late 50's.

    B. This school ( is almost certainly in Fremont, California, not Nebraska.

  3. I definitely appreciate help in cleaning these up - I have noticed there are a few issues with the same HS being listed under two different names, and any other bugs you notice would be much appreciated. You can also submit bugs to us via the feedback form at

  4. Hector Rex Says:

    Here are some corrections for Washington State:

    1) "James A. Garfield" and "Garfield" are the same school in Seattle. Nobody ever uses the full name.

    2) "Woodrow Wilson" and "Wilson" are the same school in Tacoma. The full name is rarely used (trust me, it's my alma mater).

    3) "Columbia" in Richland was formally renamed "Richland High School" 30 years ago.

    4) Lakes High School is listed twice as located in Tacoma and Lakewood. It is in Lakewood.

    5) "Bishop O'Dea" and "O'Dea" are the same school in Seattle. Nobody ever uses the full name.

    6) Curtis High School is in University Place, not Tacoma.

    7) Highline High School is in Burien, not Seattle.

    8) Clover Park High School is listed twice as located in Tacoma and Lakewood. It is in Lakewood.

    9) "Gov. John R. Rogers" and "Rogers" are the same school in Puyallup (there's also a Rogers High School in Spokane). The full name is rarely used.

    10) John F. Kennedy is listed twice as located in Burien and Seattle. It is in Burien.

    11) Tom Flick is listed as having attended Belleville High School in Belleville. There is no "Belleville, WA" -- Flick attended Interlake HS in Bellevue.

    12) There is a listing for "Shadle High School" in Spokane. There is no such school -- this should be combined with Shadle Park High School.

    13) Gonzaga Prep is listed twice as located in Spokane and "Spokana." There is no such city as "Spokana," of course.

  5. Awesome, I have been wanting to see something like this for a while since the NBA and MLB sites have it too.

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