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Search for And-1s, Opportunities and Conversions

Posted by David Corby on March 24, 2014

Just a note that we've added searches for And-1s to our Play by Play Event Finder, and we've distinguished And-1 Opportunities from And-1s that are actually converted. Previously, we had only published And-1 Opportunities on our player page Play-by-Play tables.

As a reminder, you can find our Event Finder search tool by clicking on Play Index in the top left of our site, then Play Index+, then Event Finder.

In case you don't have time to check, through yesterday's games Blake Griffin is leading the NBA with 60 And-1 Opportunities while Kevin Durant is leading with 49 converted And-1s.




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One Response to “Search for And-1s, Opportunities and Conversions”

  1. Don Michaels Says:

    Thanks, very nice addition.

    BTW You forgot to tag this post as well as "Shooting Tables on Team Pages" announcement.

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