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Approximate Value Added for Kickers and Punters

Posted by Neil on June 14, 2013

Today, we added a new feature to our popular Approximate Value metric on the site -- AV totals for kickers and punters. (Don't worry, we've warned Doug Drinen, and he hasn't suffered any adverse health side-effects that we know of.)

The methodology is described in tortuous detail on the AV formula page, but we basically looked at salary data to calibrate kicker and punter AV against our existing AV data, and used some simple metrics (kicking points added above average using distance data; punting gross yards per attempt w/ an adjustment for blocks) to measure kicking/punting performance. The best career AVs in each category are as follows:

We're still working out some AV kinks (particularly in terms of All-Pro bonuses) with certain players who played both kicker/punter and another position -- think Lou Groza -- but for the most part we're happy with the results, and we thought it was time special-teamers got their AV due.

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5 Responses to “Approximate Value Added for Kickers and Punters”

  1. Fantastic! Glad there has been improvement in terms of special teams and AV.

  2. Bobby Walston is an AV Hall of Famer now @ 120.
    George Blanda is deserving @ 108.

  3. #2 - That looks like a bug. For instance, Walston should only be getting 2 kicking AV in 1956, to go with the 4 AV he had as a receiver -- no way is that a 17-AV season. We'll take a look.

  4. Weighted AV:

    Yale Lary is @ 25 on personal page but 104 on the all-time weighted list.

    George Blanda is @ 108 on personal page but under 90 on the all-time listing.

  5. I noticed a lot of guys are showing zero av, like charles haley...under reevaluation?

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