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Player Pronunciations Added; Master List of Pronunciations, Nicknames, Name Notes

Posted by Neil on April 18, 2013

Today, we're happy to announce the addition of a new dataset -- a pronunciation guide for the names of roughly 1,800 Major and Minor-League ballplayers from throughout history (mainly active players and guys from the 2000s, but a number of historical notables are in there as well). We've pulled this info from a number of different sources, so as always, please email us if you have any corrections or additions you'd like to see.

Also as a matter of note, we added master pages for player nicknames, name notes (aliases, name changes, etc.), and we finally linked the list of Twitter handles on the Frivolities page. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Player Pronunciations Added; Master List of Pronunciations, Nicknames, Name Notes”

  1. oneblankspace Says:

    No love for Alfred Pesano on the name notes page?

  2. Does anyone know how Chris Nichting's last name is pronounced?

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