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PFR Hall of Fame Features

Posted by Neil on January 18, 2013

With the Hall of Fame finalists being named last week, here's a reminder to check out our Hall of Fame Section at PFR, as well as the 2013 ballot (with a list of finalists, and semifinalists who didn't make the cut).

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One Response to “PFR Hall of Fame Features”

  1. Charles Butler Says:

    To me I feel that Larry Allen and Johnathan Ogden should be first ballet and hopefully Michael Strahan will go the first time but if not he will definitely be in the next time his name come up. I have a feeling that the 3 wideouts will wait again especially Chris Carter although I feel that Andre Reed should go in because his team went to the Super Bowl four straight times which is something that will never happen again. Warren Sapp might wait as well as Aeneas Williams and it seems like Dave Robinson will get in as a senior nominee. To me it should be Strahan, Ogden, Allen, Robinson, Curly, Bettis, Reed, and De Bartalow because of the four super bowls.

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