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“More Stats” For Batters

Posted by Neil on October 11, 2012

Here's a reminder that if the stats you see on a player's main page aren't enough, you can click the "More Stats" link next to his primary batting table. This will bring up an advanced batting stats page, which contains not only the conventional batting & player value tables you see on the main page, but also:

  • Ratio Batting - Generally, metrics that come as a percentage of plate appearances (or some other opportunity stat). Examples: HR%, BB%, SO%, GB/FB, Line Drive %
  • Win Probability - Stats pertaining to Win Probability. Examples: Win Probability Added (WPA), Leverage Index
  • Baserunning & Misc. Stats - Stats that deal w/ baserunning. Examples: Stolen base opportunities, extra bases taken, going from 1st to 3rd on a single, reaching on error
  • Situational Hitting - Hitting stats in important situations. Examples: Pinch hitting, productive outs, advancing runners
  • Pitch Summary Batting - Hitting stats from the pitch-by-pitch data. Examples: Pitches seen/PA, strikes taken, 1st pitches swung at, 2-0 counts seen
  • Cumulative Batting - Career conventional stat totals through every season of a player's career.
  • Neutralized Batting - Career stats transported to the year/league/park context of your choice (via this system)

Many people have never noticed the "More Stats" pages, so hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised to find even more free stats on a player's Baseball-Reference page.

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4 Responses to ““More Stats” For Batters”

  1. 'More Stats' also shows you a particular player's lgOBP and lgSLG values, so you can compute OPS+ yourself and/or figure out which of the two components is causing a player's OPS+ to be high/low.

    100 + [OBPcomponent] + [SLGcomponent] = OPS+

    After 'More Stats', lgOBP and lgSLG are under 'Advanced Batting'.

  2. I love the amount of stats available on the MLB player pages but I would love to see All-Star stats added in the future.

  3. joe baseball Says:

    Is there a stat that shows the W-L-T of the games played by players.
    It would be interesting to see winning pct of games played both by hitters and pitchers. For pitchers, I'm sure someone like mariano rivera would be way ahead since he usually only plays in games that the yankees win. For hitters, probably someone like yogi berra would be on top playing on so many winning teams.

  4. @Joe

    Yes there is. Click on a players gamelog for a specific year and it shows you the team's W/L record when that player appears in a game and when that player starts a game. You can do that for both hitters and pitchers.

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