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BBR: Historical McDonald’s All-American Rosters

Posted by Neil on March 27, 2012

The annual McDonald's High School All-American Game is this week, so here's a reminder that you can find historical rosters for the McDonald's teams going back to the 1st game in 1977, under the Awards section of the site. Congrats to all the selections, and good luck to them in the next stage of their hoops careers.

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5 Responses to “BBR: Historical McDonald’s All-American Rosters”

  1. Bret Bearup Says:

    I like the 1980 roster.

  2. @1

    I like the years immediately before and after that.

  3. Do you have any idea whether historical box scores can be tracked down? If so, how many years back?

  4. My favorite to build a team out of is probably '81, not the most overall talent, but it actually fits together nicely, and it has Michael Jordan which makes up for a lot of blemishes.

    Sam Vincent
    Michael Jordan
    Chris Mullin
    Ed Pinkney
    Patrick Ewing
    w/ Ennis Watley and Bill Wennington off the bench.

    My absolute favorite has to be '01 though for the all-dud team:

    DeJuan Wagner
    Daniel Ewing
    James White
    Kwame Brown
    Eddie Curry

    Now THAT is how you squander talent.

  5. Mark Stamos Says:

    Mike Williams on the 2004 team links to a different Mike Williams who is twenty years older.

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